Welcome to the "Kanyadi Lenke-Vilma IF" webpage.

The webpage was made in: 18-06-2012.

Secler couple "If you take someone's past, is loosing it's future."

The firm was found in 1976, and it's activity includes the manufacture. To the best of memory manufacture was the family income source. Manufacture was inheriting from parents to son.

Today, when the cheap, machine made products are spread, is the most need by hand made products from natural materials. From the beginning the firm was functioning with authority, and for today it becomes the family income source.

The activities that includes are the weaving, traditional costume making basing on local traditions, embroidering, rustic costume making, wood working, wood-carving,painting, furniture making, crests and other wood-carving products.

The firm has authorization of selling these products in the shop, or on open-air markets. Becouse of these various products, everyone can find the product what he is looking for.

We are waiting for you in our shop.